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26/11/ · Сегодня расскажу про эффект синемграфики. Что это такое и и как его можно сделать при помощи программы Автор: Freelance blog. They have become synonymous with the X-Men movies, appearing on every poster, box cover, promotional tie-in, and collectable toy. By the third movie in the series, X-Men: The Last Stand, they joined the X-Men logo, blocking out the "X” itself. Hello! Здравствуйте! In this guide I will tell you how to make your profile look a bit better than before В этом гайде я расскажу вам как сделать ваш профиль чуть краше чем раньше. Подписать фотки в iphone Друзья, подскажите, пожалуйста, программу для iphone для того, что оставить заметки на фотографиях. КАК СДЕЛАТЬ ВНЕШНОСТЬ В ТРОПИКАНИИ ТАКУЮ ЖЕ КАК В АВАТАРИИ Нравится Вы не можете комментировать, т.к. не авторизованы.

They have become synonymous with the X-Men movies, appearing on every poster, box cover, promotional tie-in, and collectable toy. I was fortunate that I got around with some people who could recognize my ability and help me move along and gain freedom. Director Bryan Singer and the producers insisted on creating a physical prop that could be filmed rather than using computerized effects.

Jimmy was asked to create two props. As with all Super Hero powers and gadgets, they seem fairly straight forward until you actually sit down and think them through. In the Marvel comics Wolverine is a temperamental, violent anti-hero born with the instincts and retractable claws of his animal namesake.

The claws sit inside his forearms and at his mental command come shooting out through the spaces in between his knuckles on the back of his hand. The claws themselves are extremely long blades reinforced with Adamantium, a fictional metal alloy that described as being unbreakable, practically indestructable.

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We cast the arm, then what they would do is make a positive from that, and then they would make a negative from that, and they would then make a fiberglass core which would become the mold. The people making the rubber arm and me are working to the same piece. Now, I start cutting it apart and fitting my mechanics into it. I make the blades work within the core, then they come back to putting the skin onto the core. With the illusion now complete, Associate Producer and Co-Writer Tom DeSanto sat down with Jimmy and began to explore a number of different styles for the blade edges of the claws themselves.

Over a dozen official Marvel artists, each putting their own personal touches to his costume, physique, and claws.

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For his first prototype, to make it easier for the blades to cut through the silicone skin, Jimmy had used a set that looked like standard knives, with the tips tapered up. Having created a plastic version of his metal blades, Jimmy then had to create a way to bind three of them together so they could be worn.

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  • The result was an angled handle that rests flush against the upper palm of your hand with a system of curved wires that wrap around your knuckles to the blades themselves. Most people outside of the movie set get it wrong. They go in between your fingers, and then your hand has to be pushed in and down in order to position the beginning of the blades down the back of your hand and angle them into the skin to complete the illusion.

    As I pushed them in place, I could see the blades create temporary divots in my skin. Getting the right fit for the perfect illusion was a puzzle that Jimmy worked on again and again. On the first pair I used round wires instead of square ones and fitting was a nightmare. The pair designed for the first X-Men movie used a system of rounded wires that were designed to pivot.

    The idea was to be able to adjust the blades to make them splay apart really wide or really tight as needed.

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    They might appear really tight together to show him simmering with rage or casually wide apart to express mischief. It was tedious at best. So I came up with the square wires and I decided to graduate them like shoes, all the different sizes. In your case, I would change your pair to a bigger size, because that will hurt after awhile. I have him come over to my truck, I pick up my standard set, give them to him to try on, and then look at the numbers. They should be four and a quarter inches apart.

    On a movie set continuity is an obsession. Everything has to remain consistently the same from one take to the next. The claws were made of rubber and the appliance out of wire stock. Both were ideal in that it made the claws light and comfortable to wear, but Hugh Jackman was wearing them and he was in peak, physical condition. After using them in stunts and action scenes, the claws were bound to get bent, to change a little and even a difference of a millimeter had to be guarded against.

    It always got a laugh from the crew that I had to come out with my little gauge and check it before they rolled camera. He was right into it. Man, he looked good. I went out and bought a set of weights after watching him. Do it for three days. Then do it for three weeks.

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    Well, you can climb it. And people who are fit are doing it in under an hour, I heard him doing it in under 43 minutes. It was hokey. I mean you do your best job with an X-acto knife and trim it up and hopefully they are not really zooming in that close. For the second and third film they had them made by glove people. It worked really well, Hugh would leave them on for long periods of time.

    Well, when we did the Alcatraz scene for X-Men 3, it was November. It was cold. They must have done sixty or seventy takes of the same thing, but you know, it was this camera angle, then this camera angle, that camera angle.

    I got the easy job. I just had to be there with the claws when they called my name. I got so I could hear my name when I was sleeping. These included pairs with sawed-off blades with reflective tape and wireframe sets that featured reflective balls for the digital effects staff to use as a reference. With his claws extended, could Wolverine carry and lick an ice cream cone?

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    I went to Chicago and shot this, it opens with a tub with some ice cream in it. The problem was the claws were too long for a close-up on the ice cream and since Jimmy is the only man on the planet who can make them, he had to be brought in to make a special pair just for the ice cream sequence.

    I came prepared with regular ones, but we needed a short variation. It has nothing to do with the movie. These will be placed for charity auction by X-men producer Lauren Shuler Donner.

    From the original prototypes in to the polished hero claws of today, the process has been sixteen years. It took me to Vancouver which lead to six other movies out there and a whole new set of friends and a whole new level of credibility. Перед принятием задачи установки волос, гримерная команда первым делом убеждается, что они использовали волосы, которые соответствуют актеру. Если вы берете руку подобно мне, я практически не имею ничего и Хью - сорт посередине. Это взгляд, который кому-нибудь придется сделать.

    Я не делаю. С иллюзией сейчас заканчивают.


    Дюжина художников Marvel работала над характерными чертами к его костюму, комплекции, и когтям. В некоторых версиях когтей Росомахи лезвия обогнуты, художник изогнул иглы подобно росомахе животного, другие оттянули их, чтобы напоминать длинные ножи с искаженными пунктами, и более поздние вариации показывают почти Японское Katana-like качество лезвиям с очищенной кривой стали.

    Для его первого прототипа, чтобы лезвия вылезали через силиконовую кожу, Джимми использовал набор, который напоминал стандартные ножи, с заостренными наконечниками. De Santo сначала попросил, чтобы Джимми произвел версию наконечников лезвий заостренных внизу. Я не знал, как это сделать. Но я понимаю, что истинная кривая не сможет работать.

    Им придется плавить, а затем так как лезвия продвигаются, они будут только скашиваться, а не выгибаться. Jimmy quickly spotted the first obstacle. How could three, very long blades, made of the strongest steel in the world, somehow pass through a tiny wrist to immediately surface through the wider set of exit holes between the knuckles?

    Did Wolverine have unusually wide wrists? In his shop in Scarborough, Ontario he discovered the exact geometry. Getting them to shoot through the wrist and out the artificial hand was one trick, having them do so at two tenths of a second is another.

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    One of the traits of his personality is his quick change of moods, his aggressive ability to turn immediately towards the offensive and the visual way that is expressed is through the instantaneous appearance of his claws. It was Bryan Singer and the producers, there was about ten of them, and I had it mounted in a vice. Because the camera would be shooting the hand in close-up, it had to look as convincing as possible. This also meant that the silicone skin could not be designed with holes in it for the blades.

    The solution was to simply slide the skin over the fiberglass arm and let the blades cut their way through the skin naturally.

    I run the air compressor at about 70 lbs, not a lot. De Santo first requested that Jimmy make a version with the tips of the blades tapered down. This has to float, and then as the blades advance, they just splay out. In the first X-Men movie there is a sequence where the villain Magneto uses his magnetic powers to lift Wolverine up into the air by the metal in his body and then pull his claws out through his hands, past the point of their normal length.

    For this scene the claws needed to have a design etched into the beginning to the blades to hint as to how they were attached to Wolverine inside his body.

    My thinking on it, the detail at the bottom, this row of boxes, would be indicative of a rack and pinion thing. The other circular business with the line through it, that would just be some kind of mounting of a muscle tendon.

    I tried a couple of different designs, I sent them off, they liked this one. The deal was that Wolverine was in a bar and this guy comes out and pokes at him and Wolverines throws a punch at him.

    The guy picks up a serving tray and blocks the punch, right? So I made a mold. With the shape of blade captured by a computer, Jimmy had a tool path or 3D stencil made that he then used with a computer controlled CNC machine to cut out and create two halves of a mold.

    The mold was then filled with pressurized PVC plastic and the individual blades were created, one by one. Same material as all the ones that would follow, just a lower durometer, meaning it was softer, same platform, which meant compatibility and then I could keep the colour across the platform.

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